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 Shi's Template Design

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PostSubject: Shi's Template Design   Shi's Template Design EmptyMon Oct 10, 2016 9:59 pm


General Information

+Name: Self Explanatory, this is where your characters name goes.

+Age: This is where you put how old your character is, be reasonable here, as most likely there will not be multi-thousand-year-old beings running around at this point in time.

+Gender: What gender is your character?  

+Appearance: What does your character look like? Supply us with a picture here using the  Command or describe it to us, as generally unless a shapeshifter no character will simply be without an appearance.

Personality Section

+Personality: Every character has some sort of personality, be it yelling at everyone, or punching someone in the face. What is it that makes your character who they are? Please let us know by typing it up in this section. It can be as long as you want but at the very least should be roughly four sentences at a bare minimum. It is alright to summarize this up into bullet points of positive and negative traits if you so choose.

History Section

*History: This is your characters past, what has shaped them to be the very being that they are today. Just like with the personality section this can be as long as you want. However, it should be roughly 5-6 sentences and let us know a little about your character.

Do note, that when referencing site lore it shouldn’t conflict with the pre-existing story or plot that is going on with the site at the time the app is created, and anything that might pertain to and or change the story as a whole should be gone over with the administrators or moderators beforehand.

Equipment Section


Does your character have any unique items that they carry with them? Like a gun, or a fancy sword, or even a backpack. These literally could be anything. Give a description of what it looks like, it’s general purpose and how it works. Be sure to give both it’s strengths and weaknesses. In short, don’t make something you yourself wouldn’t find it fair to be at the receiving end of.

Character Race Section

+Racial Information: This is where your racial information will go, be it your skills or your racial aspects they would go here Note if your race has characteristics that might be viewable by others it might be best to include a description of them in the appearance section as that would pertain to your characters appearance.

Powers Section  

+Powers Section: Naturally this is where you will put your racial powers. This will be the skills that your race are able to used and any unique variations your character might come up with. However generally it is better in terms of grading if you break it up into a racial powers section and a unique powers section so we can look at each seperately instead of as a single thing.

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Shi's Template Design
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