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 Worldly Character Information

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PostSubject: Worldly Character Information   Worldly Character Information EmptyWed Jan 11, 2017 2:43 am

The World of Tera

First things first, the conditions of Terca are not the same as Earth's own. Gravity is one of the many differently attributed pieces of science that have been greatly altered for this world.


The Gravity of Terca is roughly 14x that of Jupiter. This comes from the massive size of the world, which is largely non-traversal due to Super Volcanic regions, The Whirling Sea of Travesty, The Spine of Gasparu, and many other Diu-made regions from past blood fueds dating before The Lost Age, roughly 7.9 billion years ago.


Body Composition

This world has more deathly conditions that that of Earth.

Notable Locations

Super Volcanic region x 371
The Whirling Sea of Travesty
The Spine of Gasparu
The Divine Floodplains of Aleria - A work of art by the Mortal races as thanks to all that Aleria had fgifted them with. This land was a magic infested place, with endless clear waters and villages built atop docks. Lotus flowers, camellia,s and other water-born flowers freely growing.

However, it remains as a black and desolate place of death. Aleria's gift, was savagly destroyed two generations later by the hated filled fools.

Ghjenuveffa's Cry - A Divinitu VS Mortal battleground's remains. The Mother fought a Mortal Uhr male, who became obsessed with making her his woman. The end was the defeat of the Mother Goddess, whom he mated. bred and savagely raped for days and nights until the Goddess' womb grew and eventually released a child from her core, Ghjenuveffa. An endless plain of Crystal and Ice, leading to a crystallized and frozen over ocean for thousands of miles around. The end of the battle truly came when the Mother heard Ghjenuveffa's cries from being born from her mother's womb, the baby showing her power as the lands were covered in ice and crystal.

Ghjenuveffa's Frozen Tears - The Crystal Forest, the location where Ghjenuveffa lost all sanity due to total rejection by the mortals she was to protect, and by the loss of her mother. Her father had long since died, as he was merely an Uhr who'd never been blessed. He lived for nearly forty thousand years.
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Worldly Character Information
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