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 The World of [Placeholder]

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The world of Faðma("Dawn" in Icelandic) is a world consisting of natural climates, referred to as "climes". This world is rumored to stand atop three past worlds, which disappeared far beneath the grounds and seas long ago.

Diameter is 88,695 miles (142,800 kilometers).

Climes are basically the worlds climates and times of day. For instance, Sacerdotesaa, is inside the Kvöld Heimsveldi Night Clime.

Night Clime's vary in appearance, but all share an eternal night sky.

The centerpeice of the story, The Village of Oracles, Sacerdotessa(meaning Priestess in Corsican).

Kvöld Heimsveldi - Meaning, Dusk Empire, or Evening Empire. A failing Empire that once ruled seven continents. Their rule was harsh, but wise. Scholars speak of its past as more of an Anarchy under a seemingly frail empire. While the people may have considered it anarchy, in truth it had been anything but. Mighty warriors followed a Dusk Father and Dusk Mother. Their power was unmatched by any other but the God's and rulers of other Nations. However, its beginning has long since been lost to time, and the Elders know not how long the Empire has been in existence. However, it is rumored, that the country and its people, are ruled by a God and Goddess, acting as lesser beings for their own amusement.
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The World of [Placeholder]
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