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 The Story of the World

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The Story of the World Empty
PostSubject: The Story of the World   The Story of the World EmptyMon Jan 02, 2017 1:47 am

The Story:

Paradise - Unsatable gods wanting more worship and prayer, leading to the end of the world. The gods of this day were former humans that came back from heaven to rule the world as the Origin left the plain to them. The Seventh World War. Approximately over 100,000 years ago.

The Edge of Night - The Eternal Night. A period of Darkness across the world leading to a seemingly endless ice age. A curse brought about by the Goddess, Elodia. A truely cruel and sadistic Goddess that loved to cause pain and misery for anyone and everyone. The Goddess she favored, fell in love with a Lysfiar male, and bore his seed. In retaliation, rage and hatred, she cursed the world into darkness.

Ice Queen - The Queen of the Ice Ages. Named as Lysna via improper translation of a lost tongue, she, or possibly he, was said to have been a harlot queen that raped thousands and bore hundreds of children into the everlasting ice with no sense of morality. Incest and the rape of young ones, was common in her bed.  Before her reign, the world knew no such level of cold. Her rule, under the will of the Gods, allowed the permafrost to permanently inflict the world with a bitter winter season, and the death of life in the fall. It is believe she is the reason crops no longer grow year round. It was at the end of this time, that Elodia was said to have been slain by the child of the Dea she wanted to be hers and hers alone, Ghjenuveffa.

The Truth Beneath The Rose - TLDR, wars raged by the Gods for entertainment became widely intolerable and people began to openly curse the gods. The gods began to fall from grace, with the warm embrace of the Mother, saving many a life from death during wars.

In The End - Ghjenuveffa flees the world, inflicted with insanity, psychosis, schizoaffective, schizophrenia and PTSD. The absolute hate falling down on her, a lack of any faith put into her after all other Divinitu had left her behind. The world as a whole, cursed and hated her. They attacked her, cut, slash, smash, break. She broke. She slaughtered in malice and hate, for all those she had protected as best she could all alone. She killed, every single living creature. Only she remained before her rampage ended.

She brought back as many as she could, and hid from the world. She left it to be Godless.Having fled, Ghjenuveffa lives in the forgotten palace of the Ice Queen, alone, afraid, and exhausted for many years.

The Day The Sky Fell Down - 1,000 years after Ghjenuveffa's rampage, the races have bred and spread across the continent. They begin to explore as a war between the Uhr and Jokial rages on within the western seas of ice. A lone soldier remains after a long battle, and limps her way west. Having found an unheard of palace, she enters it. Within she finds a beautiful and flawless female.

Ghjenuveffa rests encased in ice.

The Day The Goddess Returned - Uhria, the Mother and first Queen of the Uhr, known at the time as simply Uhria, found a woman encased an ice. The warmth of Uhria's body alone melted the entire room, Ghjenuveffa slididng down the melting ice to the ground at the Uhr's feet. She lifted and carried the woman for leagues. It took her four months of hunting and survival, carrying the sleeping woman all the way to the Forests of Zelnhi, home to the few remaining members of her unknown race.

There, Ghjenuveffa awoke from her slumber and a blessing was cast upon the forest. Uhria's people were given her highest blessing, the forests grew uncontrollably into the maze like wood only the Uhr could find their way through. Uhria's heart cried out for Ghjenuveffa, and the Matati Dea heard her heart, beating and yearning for her. Ghjenuveffa fell deeply in love with her follower. She crowned her, Empress of Zelnhi, The Endless Wood.

The Blessing

A Demon's Fate

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The Story of the World
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